Sunday, December 27, 2009

Windows 7, Finally

Huzzah! Windows 7 has finally been installed. It's been a comedy of errors for me, but I'm still going to put most of the blame on Microsoft.

I resolved my power problem by throwing money at it, by purchasing a Corsair VX 550W PSU, approximately a month ago. The PSU is great and I've seen a much stabler machine. So why didn't I have Windows 7 installed immediately after that?

I tried, I really did. However, the DVD was corrupt and then I lost the image in order to make another one. Besides, that image seemed dodgy, so I asked a friend to download a proper image from TechNet. I have a subscription, but no bandwidth. He tried, he really did. It took three attempts to download as the connection kept being interrupted. And did TechNet resume from where the download was before the interruptions? You know the answer.

Anyhow, I finally got hold of that image yesterday and here we are. All futurised.

I've also decided to give Panda's Cloud Antivirus a try. I'll report on that shortly...

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